Cubicle Confidential

Sour Gripes

February 07, 2024 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 4 Episode 131
Cubicle Confidential
Sour Gripes
Show Notes

In this episode we wade into the waters of the grumps, the grumblers, the bellyachers and malcontents. Chris and Tim offer advice on dealing with whining in the workplace and share takeaways from an article on dealing with chronic complainers.

Segments in this episode

  • Flabbergast In Fremont … "OMG, my new staff person just asked for an easier assignment!”
  • STFU in Jeff City - "My neighbor in the office complains about everything and everyone!"
  • The Gist: “6 Ways To Deal With Chronic Complainers” by Gwen Moran

We want to hear about the drama, the dilemmas, and the conundrums that you face at work! All names will be changed to protect the guilty and innocent.

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