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December 06, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 125
Cubicle Confidential
Show Notes

Do office holiday parties get you in the festive spirit or turn you into the Grinch?

Our listeners are navigating some ho, ho, horribly awkward holiday situations at work.

Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice on how to handle this season with a little extra joy and cheer!

Shit Canned at Christmas in Atlanta got laid off from his job and his fiancé—who works at the same company—wants him to attend the annual holiday party with her as if nothing happened. How can he get through this event and answer the question “how’s it going” when things aren’t going well.

Santa’s Secret Is Safe in Stanford in participating in the company’s annual Secret Santa. Unfortunately, they drew the name of their boss’ boss. The spending cap is set at $20 for a gift and the present is supposed to be funny. They work for a health sciences lab which is an industry that doesn’t lend itself to people with great senses of humor. Is there a way they can make a favorable and fun impression?

In The Spotlight, Again, in Fremont got a little bit out of control at their annual Christmas outing last year. They were overserved and ended up as the talk of the office for months. Eventually, the chatter died down but now everyone is making jokes at their expense again. They even received a visit from a person in HR who reminded them what is considered appropriate at office functions. Should they attend the party again this year and if so, how do they overcome last year’s shame?

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