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November 22, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 123
Cubicle Confidential
Show Notes

What work situations make you cringe?

Some of our listeners find themselves stuck in awkward situations and need support to figure out what to do!

Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice about job changes, connection requests, and honest feedback.

Worried About a Gaffe with The Government works for the government with a good job that boasts a great salary and benefits. Unfortunately, their job is being phased out. They interviewed for a highly prestigious position, but this organization expects them to accept the job without providing salary information. Should they take a chance and accept the offer hoping for the best or should they voice their concerns?

Avoiding The Awkward in Arkansas has a “friend” who is launching a new business and has asked our listener for her help in securing new business through introductions to our listener’s client base. The problem is that our listener doesn’t want to help. After multiple unsettling personal and professional interactions, they don’t want to have their name associated with this person and certainly don’t want to waste their clients’ time with someone they don’t respect. How can they gracefully decline this request?

Is Honesty the Best Policy in Hanover has their annual review coming up, and in addition to sharing a narrative on their accomplishments and challenges, their boss wants them to give him feedback on his management style. The problem is that he’s not a very good manager and they suspect he’s not very open to feedback based on their history with him.  How honest should they be with their feedback and what’s the best way to deliver it to him?

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