Cubicle Confidential

The Fame Game

November 08, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 121
Cubicle Confidential
The Fame Game
Show Notes

Do you strive for fame and fortune?

Some of our listeners do, too and others have already achieved it.

In this week’s show, Mary and Chris address the wins and woes of being famous!

Too Big for His Breeches in Boise runs a management training company. Their business is booming. To meet client demand, they farm out much of the work to subcontractors, and one of their most popular contractors is using his reputation to demand more money than the other subcontractors. How can they keep him in the fold without ruffling any feathers with the rest of the contractors?

The Big Bang Theory in Trenton had an employee perform an amazing act at one of their production facilities recently. She caught an error that literally prevented the plant from exploding. However, she’s not the best worker otherwise – so bad, that she’s actually on a Performance Improvement Plan. After this big save, she thinks she’s untouchable. How can they convince her or management she needs to be moved on or moved out?

What Wood You Do in Minnesota has a side hustle that’s growing in popularity so much so that they might have a shot at being an influencer. They take their knowledge from their full-time job and relay it to their side hustle. They’re worried because the company they work for doesn’t allow part-time jobs and they’re very private in how they operate. What should they do if, and/or when their company finds out?

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