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Trust Me

October 18, 2023 Season 3 Episode 118
Cubicle Confidential
Trust Me
Show Notes

Do you know the number one aspect of creating high-performance organizations?

If you said trust, you nailed it!

This week, we hear from listeners who want to earn trust or learn to trust. Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice on creating a culture of trust in the workplace.

Catering To My Needs in Portland is the first to admit they’re a micromanager. Paying attention to details has gotten them to where they are now. Their recent promotion means they’ll do more managing and less “doing”. Quite frankly, they don’t trust the people reporting to them to produce the same quality work that they did. How can they learn to let go and still maintain control from on high?

Fool Me Once in Fremont works in accounts payable and is tired of getting thrown under the bus by a senior manager in another department. Out of the blue, that same senior manager wants our listener to co-lead a corporate-level process improvement initiative to streamline invoicing. It’s an opportunity to be seen by the higher-ups but knowing this manager’s history, they fear they could end up just being the fall guy. Can they say yes and if so, how do they avoid the bus?

Faking It in Phoenix has been asked to go to college campuses to do recruiting. They have been paired with someone they find arrogant, loud, and inappropriate. The problem is that the other guy acts all charming around potential recruits, but when they’re not in front of recruits, he’s a total jerk. They’re supposed to look like teammates, but our listener has a hard time pretending to like this guy. Any advice on how to get past his obnoxiousness?

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