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I Need Some ME Time!

September 20, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 114
Cubicle Confidential
I Need Some ME Time!
Show Notes

Did you know that only 48% of Americans use all their vacation days?

You have paid time off for a reason, and taking a vacation reduces stress, improves well-being, and boosts productivity, so it’s important to capitalize on that benefit!

This week, we hear from listeners who don’t want to let their PTO go to waste. Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice on how to ask your boss for some me time.

Use It Or Lose It in Atlanta hasn’t taken a vacation in seven years, so they’ve been banking their time off. Recently, their company changed their PTO policy to a “use it or lose it” system. Their existing 14 weeks of vacation time must be used within the next 24 months, or they lose it. If they want to use it all up at once, they could be gone for weeks or months at a time. They recently received a promotion, so they fear taking their PTO time now could leave a bad taste with their company. Can they fulfill their dream of sitting on the beach while staying in the company’s good graces?

Anchors Away in Charlotte received an invitation to speak at a nonwork-related conference in Oslo. The company they work for has several big plants in Germany, so they thought they could use their work budget to pay for their trip to Oslo. Is it ethically dubious to mix work with personal and what’s the downside if someone finds out about the nonwork-related conference?

In Need of A Little Me Time in Honolulu is supposed to be on vacation yet they find themselves sitting with an open laptop answering emails. They’ve been fielding questions from their boss and subordinates almost every day and, with the time differences, they’re working into the evening. While they can put aside the questions from their subordinates, they feel obligated to address their boss’ questions. How can they tell their workaholic boss that they need some me time?

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