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Why I Find You Irritating

September 13, 2023 Season 3 Episode 113
Cubicle Confidential
Why I Find You Irritating
Show Notes

We’re taking a little trip down memory lane to revisit one of our most popular episodes! This week, we’re traveling back in time to Season Two to relearn how to navigate generational friction at work – which is essential to succeeding in today’s multi-generational workplace!

Do generational differences have work have you perplexed? Annoyed? Confused? Do you look at other generations at work and think to yourself WTF?

Well, Chris De Santis is here to help! In honor of his newly published book Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work, Chris and Mary answer questions from multiple generations about how to deal with each other.

“Ants in My Pants in Ann Arbor” wants to turn down a promotion to travel the world. After 4 years in the workforce, they feel they need a break. WTF?

“My Way or the Highway in Hawaii” is frustrated that their young employees don’t want to come into a physical office. Yet, they complain that they don’t feel “connected” to the firm. WTF?

“He Who Has Had It with Them in Everywhere USA” doesn’t know what to make of the focus on pronouns. After 30 years of work experience, he is having trouble making sense of this “pronoun thing.” WTF?

PPS: Mary says that Gen X is really the greatest generation ever!!!!

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