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Help Me Succeed

August 16, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 112
Cubicle Confidential
Help Me Succeed
Show Notes

Are you looking to make a move within your company?

Maybe you want a new role or maybe you are trying to decide whether to change bosses.

This week, we hear from listeners interested in advancing their careers and setting themselves up for success at work. Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice on mentorship, internal mobility, and moving up the corporate ladder!

Alice in Corporateland, Minnesota  is new to corporate life, and she doesn't think she is prepared for it. Both of her parents worked for themselves. While her parents are supportive, they know nothing about a big corporation. She was assigned a buddy to help show her the ropes, but her “buddy” has only been at the company for a year. Now that she figured out where the restrooms are, how can they get a promotion?

From Balance Sheets to Silk Sheets in Cincinnati  works in the accounting department of a luxury goods company. They’ve been there for three years and love the company but not their job. They would rather work in marketing. The company runs a mentoring program which could be a great opportunity to get to know someone in the marketing department but they don’t want their future mentor to think they’re trying to use them. Is there a way to go about this without potentially offending someone they might report to one day?

Mentored Or Tormentored in the Big Apple  works as an analyst at an investing firm. The best performer at the company is a hard ass with a short fuse. She has a terrible reputation as a manager but a great one in the industry. They’d like to learn more about what she does but were cautioned that she goes through analysts like nobody’s business. It’s like “The Devil Wears Prada” x10. Could this be a great opportunity or a horrible mistake?

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