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Not Everybody Wants To Be the Boss...

June 28, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 105
Cubicle Confidential
Not Everybody Wants To Be the Boss...
Show Notes

Career mobility might not be as straightforward as you think…

…because not everyone actually wants to move up the corporate ladder (shocking, we know!)

This week, we hear from a listener wanting to move up, one looking to step down, and one ready to move across. Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’ advice on how to take control of your career – no matter where you want to take it!

All That Sparkles Is Not Gold in Virginia would like to convince her boss not to promote her. She also has no interest in managing people – she likes her current role as a salesperson and she’s good at it. If she says “no” to the promotion, she’s afraid her boss will promote a guy, whose romantic advances she spurned a while back. She’s afraid if he gets the promotion, he’ll make her life miserable. What should she do?

Lumbering Along in Jeff City is 62 years old and manages a lumberyard in Missouri. The owner is 79, in failing health, and asked if he could run the place. While he loves the owner, he wants to retire in three years and doesn’t see himself taking on all the additional headaches of running the whole organization just to leave in a few years. Should he come clean and tell the owner he doesn’t want the job (which will break his heart) or does he take the job until the owner passes?

Padre Conoces Mejor in Alburquerque works for a third-generation local Mexican restaurant chain. He’s one of three siblings in the family business. He and his two sisters each manage a location. Their father wants him to take over. Two problems: his sister runs a much better operation, and he doesn’t want to run the business. He wants to be a chef, not a manager. Their father is old school and thinks the business needs to pass down to the son. How can he get past his father’s biases and make himself, his sisters, and his father happy?

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