Cubicle Confidential

Ranting and Raving

June 07, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 102
Cubicle Confidential
Ranting and Raving
Show Notes

What really gets under your skin?

Is it when employees make the same mistakes over and over again? Or maybe it’s ungrateful staff…or just plain jerks in the workplace?

This week we hear from listeners who are feeling annoyed and need to rant about it!

Fed Up in Chicago is a partner at a big bad law firm and is being framed as the villain because he’s asking his associates to stay late, come in early, or redo work that doesn’t meet his standards. And all he gets is grief! He’s just responding to their clients – the same ones who pay their six-figure salaries. The young associates must have known the level of effort expected before they got here because it’s not a secret. Has this generation decided that work is an option? And can we stop all the work-life balance talk?

Up To Here With Suck Ups in Syracuse works with a stone-cold jerk. He’s a sarcastic, passive-aggressive, narcissistic toadie. If he crawled any further up their boss’s ass, he’d be looking out his mouth.  Their boss doesn’t see his true colors because this piece of work is all sweetness and light in the boss’s presence.  How can they get him the f*@# out of their life without quitting a job they otherwise love?

Dreadful Divas in Data works at a software firm in California and before the pandemic, they built a new office space and customized it to meet the requests of their workforce. It has a gym, dining hall, game room, meditation space walking trails, and even a barista. Now they’re back on a hybrid schedule and the office is half empty. They spent millions creating a space that no one is using – totally bogus! Even if the employees don’t use it, what about a little gratitude? Is there any way to get people back in the office without threats of quitting?!

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