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Power Dynamics: Man VS. Machine

May 10, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 98
Cubicle Confidential
Power Dynamics: Man VS. Machine
Show Notes

Mary is shifting the power of this episode…

And she’s making Chris answer three questions he’s never seen before with an added twist!

Chris DeSantis is going up against ChatGPT in this Man vs. Machine duel.

Who do you think will give better advice? The man or the machine?! Does Artificial Intelligence have the power to run us out of business?

Tune in to hear Chris’ and ChatGPT’s answers to these questions:

New Guard in Northern Ireland recently landed her dream job in the childcare field. The organization used to only have a small group of older staff (average age around 60) until they hired three new younger staff members. An unspoken divide has emerged between the “old guard” and the “new guard.” How can they honor the decades of experiences brought in by those who are their senior while encouraging change to meet the needs of 21st-century workplaces?

Vigilant in Virginia serves as an Executive Assistant for the Vice President/Chief of Staff. They’re preparing for their annual performance review with their Advancer boss after their first full year at the organization. They’re feeling anxious since they’re a Harmonizer. How can the Advancer and Harmonizer meet in the middle – especially during a performance review?

Upset Apple Cart in Alexandria volunteers at a local non-profit that helps feed the food insecure. Most of the regular volunteers are retired women, but the non-profit has had a recent influx of retired older men join their ranks. The men constantly disparage the way they do things and have turned this well-oiled machine into an unpleasant clunker. She doesn’t want to quit volunteering but doesn’t know how to keep these old guys from upsetting the entire apple cart. What to do?!

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