Cubicle Confidential

Going Along to Get Along

May 03, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 97
Cubicle Confidential
Going Along to Get Along
Show Notes

Have you ever made a sacrifice just to fit in?

From slightly changing your appearance to completely ditching your morals, we’re hearing from listeners who feel like outsiders but desire to be in the In-crowd.

Tune in to hear Mary and Chris’s advice on when you should try to fit in or dare to be different and stand out!

Yes, But in Minneapolis took a new corporate job in marketing for a home goods chain. The hiring manager said the company said they needed innovative thinkers who can shake up the status quo. Well, since he took the job, he’s learned it’s closer to the opposite…whenever he makes suggestions or presents new ideas he gets shut down. The pitch in the interview does not match the reality. He knows he can make an impact at the company if given the chance, but he’s one meeting away from searching for another job. Any ideas on how he can get the organization to live up to its sales pitch?

Brash, Bold, and Beautiful in Cherry Creek is a proud black gay man. He was hired as a paralegal for a firm in Denver and stands out like a sore thumb. He’s tall, wears French manicured nails, and dresses in a style that’s a mash-up of Gucci, Off-White, and Vintage. He presented himself this way when he was hired, but now it’s been suggested that he should dress more in line with the company vibe. He thinks they should change their view of men and feels like he owes it to people like him. How can he convince them that being authentic is as real as it gets?

Pretty Stressed in Tampa lost 80 pounds and not only does she feel great, but for the first time in her life she thinks she looks great, too! Other people think so as well and that’s where the problem arises – she’s being treated very differently as a result. She used to be ignored or interrupted at meetings and now those same men – and it is always men who do this – hang on her every word. At the same time, her work girlfriends are suddenly ignoring her. What’s going on? She’s not smarter or less friendly since she’s lost weight, yet that’s how she’s being treated.  Any suggestions as to how to turn this around?

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