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People Say the Most Annoying Things

April 19, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 95
Cubicle Confidential
People Say the Most Annoying Things
Show Notes

Plot twist! Mary is keeping Chris on his toes by giving him the title of the episode without sharing the questions with him in advance – leaving him no time to prepare.

How annoying is that?!

In this episode, listeners share their frustrations at work in the hopes that Mary and Chris can alleviate their annoyances.

Fuhgeddaboudit is 68 years old, still works, and still sends handwritten thank-you notes. He endeavors to be kind every day but feels confused when someone responds to a “Thank you” with the phrase “No problem.” Whatever happened to a gracious “You’re welcome?” He finds it especially vexing when “No problem” is uttered by a person whom he thanked for actually doing their job. Is this a function of his age or is it a New York-specific patois?

Triangled in Trenton was asked to intervene on a mutual friend by one of their most important and influential clients. The client was having an important conversation with some business community bigwigs when their friend approached them and started pitching her services in an overly aggressive, shrill, and drunk manner.  And this is not the first time their mutual friend has behaved this way. They told the client that’d say something but are now having second thoughts. Are they the right person for this conversation? If so, how would they go about it? What should they do?!

Tired of the Tirade in Topeka works in a tight-knit accounting department. They all get along great except for one of their colleagues who is a constant complainer. Every conversation is about how someone has wronged him or how “unfair” everything is. He’s always pointing out how their manager plays favorites (which she doesn’t) when he doesn’t get a promotion or plum project. And nothing is ever his fault. Honestly, he is his own worst enemy. Is there a way to get him to see that he’s driving everyone crazy and derailing his own career?

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