Cubicle Confidential

Anger Management

March 01, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 88
Cubicle Confidential
Anger Management
Show Notes

Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s short fuse? Or maybe you’ve lost your temper at work and find yourself paying the price…

In this episode, Mary and Chris help listeners deal with both their anger issues and the rage of others.

Hiding From Mrs. Hyde in Seattle read Mary’s book and appreciated the section about toxic bosses because, well, they may or may not have one themselves. Their company uses contract employees and full-time ones, and their boss treats the contractors like second-class citizens. They are required to attend meetings without pay, they are mercilessly criticized in public, and often get yelled at when they make a mistake. Does this behavior qualify as toxic and if so, how can they get their boss to change?

Gentle Benjamin in Branson
is a nice guy but doesn’t look like it. Standing at 6’4” and weighing 270 lbs., he doesn’t look like the most approachable dude. He recently raised his voice in a staff meeting where there was a heated exchange and now everyone seems terrified of him. Can he turn this around or is he doomed to be pinned as the “bad guy”?

Seething in Cincinnati is a facilities manager at a distribution center for a major retailer. Over the last six months, their productivity metrics have steadily declined, and their accident and product damages have increased. His first inclination is to have a come-to-Jesus meeting to light a fire under their asses. Do you attract more flies with honey than vinegar? Can you be angry with your employees in this age of political correctness? Or are we doomed to play nice forevermore?

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