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Living Out Loud: Social Media and Your Career

February 22, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 86
Cubicle Confidential
Living Out Loud: Social Media and Your Career
Show Notes

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – oh my! For better or worse, social media plays a large role in the modern work world. Can what you post influence hiring decisions? Should you leverage social media as a marketing tool?

In this episode, Mary and Chris answer questions about showing up on social media (and the positive and negative implications of it…)

Having Second Thoughts in Secaucus just interviewed the most amazing job candidate for a top spot in a sales department. After doing some due diligence, he discovered some appalling social media posts that he doesn’t agree with. This candidate is a perfect fit for the job but he can’t unsee the content they’ve created. Is this a valid reason not to hire someone?

Make Me Famous in Memphis is a junior partner in a mid-sized law firm and hopes to make partner in the next two years. Their mentor recommended that they “pump up” their thought leadership to build a bigger book of work. They feel overwhelmed by this and have no idea where to even begin. Help!

Fight Club in Phoenix has seen a few of their employees having a knock-down-drag-out spat on social media. They are both popular and influential in the workplace. Is she wrong to be concerned about this? Does this warrant a conversation? How can she handle this without bringing what’s happening on the internet into the office?

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