Cubicle Confidential

Cheap and Dirty

January 11, 2023 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 3 Episode 81
Cubicle Confidential
Cheap and Dirty
Show Notes

What’s the difference between being cheap, stingy, or frugal? And when is it a problem at work? How do you deal with In this week’s episode, Mary Abbajay and Chris De Santis hear from three listeners who are trying to navigate the financial failings of others.

And as a special treat, they also field a question about an employee’s dirty bathroom habits. Yes, Mary and Chris are going to talk about poop...

Tune in to hear their answers to:

My Boss is a Cheapskate in Chesapeake is embarrassed and a bit horrified at their boss’ cheapness. The boss is a skinflint when it comes to tipping and it’s driving her crazy. Should she call her boss out on this reprehensible behavior?

Bathroom Bandit in Bellevue has an employee with gross bathroom habits. How does one even go about addressing this issue? Help!

I’m Poor Not Cheap in Portland is an entry-level employee who enjoys happy hour with his more senior colleagues, but he can’t afford their champagne tastes on his beer budget. How can he keep the camaraderie and still be able to pay off his student loans?

Pilfered in Poughkeepsie has a business partner that constantly pilfers office supplies like toilet paper, napkins, post-it notes, cleaning supplies—you name it. And they do it in front of employees—which clearly can’t be sending a good message. Are they overreacting or is this a problem? 

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