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Complaints and Complainers

December 28, 2022 Season 2 Episode 79
Cubicle Confidential
Complaints and Complainers
Show Notes

This week’s episode is about complaints and complainers. While complaining is a natural part of human communication—knowing how and when to complain is an important piece of emotional intelligence. Our pro tip: Inside of every complaint is a request. Find it and make it.

Dealing with the complaints of others can be challenging. Learning how to de-escalate an angry tirade is a skill everybody needs…

In this episode we hear from:

Gushing till I Puke in Galena works with a colleague whose constant over-the-top peppiness is driving them to drink. Is there a way to get this colleague to tone it down or turn it off?

Hung Up in Clifton hung up on an angry and complaining VIP customer. And she did it on purpose. So now, she is panicked that he will find out that was her. What should she do? Should confess her sin or wait to see if the angry VIP retaliates?

Duped-licated in Denver owns a print show and one of their clients has a particular employee that always complains about his orders. On top of the constant complaining, this person always seeks substantial discounts. How do they handle a chronic complainer and still stay in good graces with the larger client?

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