Cubicle Confidential

On the Road Again

October 12, 2022 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 2 Episode 68
Cubicle Confidential
On the Road Again
Show Notes

Travel today sucks. And sadly, so do many of our fellow travelers. In this episode, Mary and Chris share their favorite travel tips, biggest pet peeves, and also make time to answer listeners’ questions about how to have an expeditious and stress-free experience on the road.

But the big question is this: do you recline your seat when you fly?

Missing Miss Manners in Memphis wants to know how best to handle rude seatmates or other passengers who are loud, rude, or encroaching into her space. 

Down on the Farm in Nebraska has to take a long business trip—which includes two five-hour car rides--with their boss to the middle of nowhere. She is not looking forward to it and wants advice as to how to make the best of this ordeal.

Can’t Beat a Meet and Greet in Indianapolis wants to bring his team together for a team-building event. This will be the first time in two years that they will be together in person. The problem? A few of his team are balking at having to go and they want to attend virtually. Should he bring them in kicking and screaming or let them be virtual?

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