Cubicle Confidential

Quiet Quitting

October 05, 2022 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 2 Episode 67
Cubicle Confidential
Quiet Quitting
Show Notes

Is Quiet Quitting a real thing? And what does it really mean? Is it a call to action or just an excuse to be a slacker? Is it media hype and should organizations be concerned? In this episode, Mary and Chris attempt to separate hype from reality.

I Call Bulls**t in Baltimore thinks “quiet quitting” is just an excuse to be a slacker. Is he right? 

Man In the Middle in Milwaukee worries that his company’s fears about quiet quitting is driving their decision to begin using digital tracking software to monitor their remote and hybrid employees. Is spying on their employees actually the best way to get (and keep) them engaged? (Answer hint: NO!)

Time to Grow Up in Galveston is frustrated with their Gen Z colleagues whose not-so-quiet-quitting means a bigger workload for them. How do they deal with a generation of workers who expect the payoffs without putting in the time? Should they set these young-uns straight? Or are they the suckers, here?  

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