Cubicle Confidential

My Boss is a Ghost (and Other Tales of Woe)

June 08, 2022 Mary Abbajay & Chris DeSantis Season 2 Episode 50
Cubicle Confidential
My Boss is a Ghost (and Other Tales of Woe)
Show Notes

Ghosts, Wimps, and Implusives, oh my! Have you ever dealt with a boss or colleague who ghosts you? Or a boss who is so wishy-washy that you want to pull your hair out? Or how about the boss or co-worker who is always changing their minds or chasing shiny objects? If so, this episode was made for you. Chris and Mary hear from listeners who need their help dealing with these difficult dynamics. 

Ghosted in Galveston is frustrated by her ghost boss. He’s never around when she needs him, and it is beginning to impact her ability to succeed. Does she need a ghostbuster or ghost chaser?

Seeking Serenity in Salt Lake City is exhausted by her impulsive, scattered-brained boss. The chaos, madness, and constant shifting of priorities are driving her crazy. What can she do?

My Boss is a Wimp in Wisconsin wants to know how to transplant a backbone into their boss who can’t seem to make a decision to save their life. And even when they do decide on something, they are easily swayed to change it. How do they get their boss to “pick and stick”? 

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